Thursday, March 20, 2008

randy gratitude

is there anything better than being a super mama? yes. having it spelled out in easy cheese on a cast iron skillet. i love cast iron. i do not like easy cheese, never have. i was mildly intrigued by it in fourth grade. i might have even tasted it, but i've always had refined taste buds and so i'm sure if i did i made a sour face (the kind of face i make when i want eleanor to know that i'm not down with what she is doing or about to do, which by the way rarely works, it usually makes her laugh.)

but we were gifted a bottle of easy cheese (as a nostalgic joke really) about a month ago when we moved into a new place (our fourth in athens). it was gifted by the friend whose home was our first place and was almost our fourth place. he gave us lots of other lovely treats too. ben and jerry's ice cream, whole wheat pasta, yummy sauces and salsas. he's been good to us and continues to be.

he gave us a grill when we first got pregnant so that i could eat healthy meats with ease. he rented us a uhaul to move from our second to third place. he brought a thirty pound lasagna and $300 bottle of red wine over two days after our daughter was born. he adjusted me during labor (as he is a skilled chiropractor). his heart is full and open and he shares it readily. i will miss him when we go. i'd like to get him a super mama gift.